Thursday, March 26, 2015

Algebra - expansion and factorisation

Expanding algebraic expressions and factorising expressions are inverse operations. Expanding means multiplying out the expression. Click here to learn more about expanding algebraic expressions. Altenatively you can watch the video clip below before trying the exercise on this website.

Once you know how to expand an algebaric expression you are ready to factorise. Click here to look at some examples and also to try out some examples.

Designing Questionnaires

Questionnaires are used as tools to collect data for a specific purpose. Therefore, the questionnaire must be designed properly before it can be used to collect useful data based on a hypothesis. In the GCSE exam, you can get two main type of questions:
1. Critise a given questionnaire
2. Design your own questionnaire

Click here. to find out more about designing good questionnaires.

Once you have read and understood how to design good questionnaires, try out this worksheet.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Add and Subtract Fractions

Click here  to access online worksheet on adding and subtracting fractions. You can use several methods to add and subtract fractions. However, any method works on the concept of making the denomonators common before adding the numerators. Watch the video below before attempting the worksheet.