11 April 2015

Maths Vocabulary

Just like any other subject, Maths has its own group of special words. Knowing the meaning of these special mathematical terms will help you to improve your understanding of mathematical concepts. Mathwords.com is website that presents mathematical terms with examples and areas of Maths where these words are used. It will be a good habit to learn a few of these words daily.

Another website that you can use to improve your maths vocaubulary is Mathsisfun. This website has classified the maths word in alphabetical order. Each word is accompanied with the meaning and some examples.

Remember in Maths exams you are also required to know how to spell Maths words correctly. Below is a list activities that will test your knowledge of maths terms and words.

1. Maths Crossword

2. Starting with 'M'

3. Vowelless

4. Verucca Value

5. Maths Anagrams

You can find many more Maths vocabulary activites online. Use them to improve your mastery of Maths words and helpo yourself improve your understanding of Maths.

Best of Luck


01 April 2015

Who is Archimedes?

Help for Maths Anxiety

It is common and normal to be anxious when trying to learn or do Maths. Maths anxiety is experienced even by people who are known to good in Maths. It is not a question of being anxious or but it's a question of how you handle the anxiety. There are many ways to reduce your anxiety in Maths. Click here to find out some of the ways you can learn to reduce the amount of anxiety you experience when learning Maths.

28 March 2015

Maths Revision Resources

When revising Maths you will need both on-line and off-line resources to support your revision. Some of the off-line reources inlcude revision guides and revision workbooks.

You can also find maths revision resources on-line. There are many websites now offering free tools and resources in the form of worksheets, activities and games to help you revise Maths. Below is a list of such websites:
Link+Learn - suitable for KS3 and KS4
E-Maths  - suitable for KS3 and KS4
Study Maths - Suitable for KS4
Maths Made Easy - suitable for GCSE and A-levels
BBC Bitesize